Hey hi hello!

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog – JuliaGreenhalf.com. As you may have cleverly deduced, my name is Julia. I hail from Melbourne, Australia. And before you ask – yes, I do wear a lot of black; yes, we do get four seasons in one day; and yes I am somewhat of a coffee snob (as an ex-barista, that’s allowed, right?!).

Ever since those formative years in the classroom where we learnt to read and write, I’ve enjoyed a long and insatiable love affair with words. As the years have gone by, I’ve added journalist, linguist, marketer and amateur radio host to the list – proving that the greatest loves in life withstand the test of time.

So join me while I document my shenanigans out in the world and fumble my way through this crazy adventure called life. You can check out my past work here, and get friendly on my social media accounts over here and here.

I know I’m more than a month late to the party, but here’s to a sensational 2017 and beyond!

Let’s laugh, cry and cringe together.


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